Commercial law

BTD Associés assists companies within the context of their relations with their business partners, clients and suppliers, both during the negotiation and drafting of agreements as well as in case of litigation or pre-litigation.


We advise our clients in order to allow them to establish a contractual environment offering the necessary legal tools for the security of their business relations and avoid any difficulty or dispute with their partners.

To this end, we draft and assist in the negotiation of all types of business deeds and contracts, and notably the following deeds:

  • general conditions of sale, general conditions of service provision
  • transfers of business assets and transfers of commercial leases (leasehold rights): drafting and negotiation of the agreement, support during the lifting of suspensory conditions and drafting of the final contract
  • contracts with business intermediaries: business finders, commercial agents, franchises, concessions, etc.
  • commercial leases: consultancy of lessors (notably non-trading property companies [SCI]) and lessees, in particular during the conclusion and renewal of the lease; litigation or pre-litigation in case of outstanding debts: injunction to pay in reference to the termination clause, summons in reference to the acknowledgement of the acquisition of the termination clause, interim proceedings before the Court of First Instance in acquisition of termination clause, expulsion under penalty, payment of rents with request for payment on account, etc.
  • drafting and negotiation of business agreements: supply and service provision contracts, licensing contracts, trademark transfer or acquisition contracts.


We assist and represent our clients in commercial pre-litigation and litigation before all the courts.

In this capacity, we intervene, among others, within the context of the following actions:

  • recoveries of amounts receivable (formal notice, emergency interim proceedings, notice to pay, precautionary measures, substantive proceedings), cheques and unpaid bills of exchange,
  • liability actions against suppliers,
  • liability actions against competitors: unfair competition proceedings, commercial parasitism, etc.
  • termination of business relations

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