Restructurings and insolvency procedures

The firm intervenes in the restructuring of solvent and insolvent companies both in terms of debtors and creditors.

Debtor in financial difficulty? Our role is to assist you throughout the procedure, whether out-of-court (ad hoc mandate, conciliation) or legal (safeguarding, receivership and compulsory liquidation), in order to allow you to get the most advantageous deal in your relations with your creditors: tax authorities, URSAFF [social security contributions collection agency], banks and suppliers.

In this area in particular, our approach is based on the precise understanding of the activity concerned, its strategy and regulatory, corporate and competitive environment, in order to make a precise assessment of the difficulties encountered and propose the most suitable tools. In addition to resolving difficulties, the objective is to preserve the company’s corporate and business relations.

Creditor? We will undertake to do everything in order to obtain the payment of what is owed to you, by using the means offered by the procedure, depending on your individual situation: preferred creditor, property lessor, supplier, etc.

Our scope of intervention covers:

  • determining the type of procedure involved as well as the preparation of deeds relating to its opening: application to the commercial court, assurance statements, declaration of suspension of payments, etc.
  • dialogue with the bodies involved in the procedure: court, administrator, authorised representative, etc.,
  • management of the relations with creditors (mainly tax authorities, social entities, banks and suppliers), negotiation and preparation of agreements,
  • debt negotiation and setup of financing or refinancing solutions,
  • preparation of plans: recovery plan, continuation plan and/or transfer plan (trade-in offer), according to the type of procedure concerned,
  • management of employee relations, and
  • consultancy of directors and shareholders, notably within the context of invoking their liability.

The firm also advises creditors when faced with unpaid debts in order to help them to invoke their rights against their debtor as well as prospective transferee firms wishing to intervene within the context of a trade-in offer.

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