BTD Associés was founded by two lawyers with extensive experience and high technical skills in their areas of intervention and who have previously developed their practice in Paris-based law firms that are among the best in their sector.

The partners offer their clients customised services whilst ensuring a permanent level of responsiveness and availability.

They each intervene in their own areas of preference in order to jointly offer both consultancy and litigation services that cover the main areas of business life

Pacome Baguet

Pacome Baguet is a lawyer at the Paris Bar and a partner in BTD Associés.

Pacome is fluent in French and English.

Adrien Thomas-Derevoge

Adrien Thomas-Derevoge, a partner in BTD Associés, has focused his career path on contract law and litigation, disciplines through which he has developed a technical and cross-cutting approach towards cases.

His experience in several law firms that are renowned in business litigation has allowed him to develop his skills in the management of complex cases.

Adrien is also a teacher of contract law in business schools and professional training organisations.

Adrien Thomas-Derevoge holds a Master’s II degree in international and European business law (University of Strasbourg) and a Master’s II degree in contract law and business practices (University of Paris XII).

Adrien is fluent in French, English and German.