Our commitments

BTD Associés brings together lawyers who are dedicated to their clients and who share the same values of excellence and commitment in their approach to practicing law.

Excellence and responsiveness

Calling on our firm is firstly being able to rely on the irreproachable quality of our work.

Because time is a key issue for the success of any operation and because you generally wish to have your questions answered promptly, we are committed to intervening with a high level of responsiveness.

Understanding your issues in order to provide you with the best solution

Do you need assistance in welcoming new investors whilst ensuring the rights of founding partners, dealing with a supplier dispute whilst maintaining your good business relations, resolutely discussing a new contract without derailing negotiations, or even settling a dispute with an employee whilst avoiding the risk of litigation?

For each type of intervention, BTD Associés is committed to preserving your interests whilst taking into account the specificity of your environment and challenges.

It is through this dedication that we can offer you a pragmatic solution that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Assisting you over the long term

Our aim is to become a strategic partner who accompanies you at each stage of your development.

Beyond the occasional missions entrusted to us, we inform you, for example, on the regulations which concern you in order to allow you to work with them to the best advantage. We also offer solutions in order to provide you with the necessary legal security so that, in due course, you are prepared to cope with the risks of business life.

Transparency and visibility

As its last but certainly not least commitment, BTD Associés offers its clients complete transparency in the work carried out and in its conditions of service.

In this way, we inform you of the issues and risks and report to you on our interventions at each stage of the procedure.

Our desire for transparency is particularly apparent in our billing method. With us, you get no unpleasant surprises, as we determine together the billing method that is best suited to your needs (fixed rate, hourly rate or performance-based fee) by notably taking into account the complexity and issues related to our intervention. A detailed list of the procedures carried out is submitted to you at the time of billing.