Labour law

The firm intervenes in labour law with respect to both the employer and employee, in consultancy as well as in litigation before the courts with jurisdiction (Labour Court, Social Security Court, Appeal Court, etc.).

Our area of intervention covers individual and collective labour relations. We also advise our clients within the context of the corporate management of mergers & acquisitions and insolvency procedures (see below).


BTD Associés assists you in the management of individual labour relations within your company.

This mainly concerns:

  • preparation for the hiring of employees and choice of the type of employment contract,
  • drafting and modification of the employment contract and assistance with the various delicate clauses: remuneration, non-competition, mobility, etc.
  • management or dispute of redundancies on real and serious grounds, serious or gross misconduct as well as redundancies for economic reasons,
  • negotiation and establishment of contractual terminations and transactions,
  • implementation or dispute of disciplinary procedures,
  • management of issues related to protected employees,
  • management of litigation related to workplace accidents and occupational diseases/illnesses,
  • management of crisis situations (workplace accident, harassment, etc.).


The firm also intervenes in the management of collective labour relations. This comprises:

  • organising elections for staff representatives and members of the works committee,
  • informing and consulting with these bodies,
  • setup and management of the committee on health, safety and working conditions and the management of risk prevention in the company (occupational risk assessment document, simultaneous work situations…)
  • setup of employee savings schemes and corporate employee protection,
  • negotiation and drafting of business agreements (agreements on occupational health risks, psychosocial risks, etc.).


The firm also assists companies in corporate law within the context of their mergers & acquisitions such as proposed acquisition, transfer or reorganisation: transfers of employment contracts, future and renegotiation of collective articles of association, future of staff representation bodies, completion of corporate audits, etc.

The firm is also involved with the management of corporate aspects within the context of its interventions in relation to restructurings and insolvency procedure law.


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