Intellectual property and new technologies


Our firm assists with intellectual property law in relation to both industrial property and new technology.

Industrial property

The launch and development of your activity requires the effective protection of the information relating to your business identity (names and trademarks) and intangible assets (know-how, studies and projects, software).

To this end, we advise you in order to determine and establish the most suitable protective framework, notably during filing formalities at national, European or international level, and guarantee the transfer of this information by its creator (designer, webmaster, etc.).

Once your rights are protected, we assist you within the context of the protection of your intellectual property rights before the authorities with jurisdiction and courts: counterfeiting actions, unfair competition, parasitism, etc.


New technologies

The firm intervenes in the area of new technologies for innovative companies (start-ups, website creators, software developers,…) and traditional companies using these technologies.

The firm’s area of intervention covers the drafting and negotiation of IT contracts (software licences, maintenance, development, IT outsourcing and hosting contracts, etc.), internet law (domain standards, content removal, liability of website publishers/hosts), e-commerce law (general conditions of sale/general conditions of use, disclaimers, confidentiality policy, online promotion and advertising) and personal data management (data protection, support and inspections made by the French National Data Protection Authority).

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